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Installation in Minutes

Special thanks to our Customer Scub@d1v3r for this installation video of a Color Match SunTiger Riser

1. Preparation

Torque Wrench
Allen Wrench
Wire Cutter
Ratcheting Wrenches
Towel or other soft pad (protect the car)

2. Remove the original wings

Remove the original rubber grommet.
Use the torque wrench to remove the screw.
Flip the wing, sit in the towel to prevent scratches.
(Please be careful about the wiring.)

3. Install the GT3 Riser

Insert the GT3 Riser and make sure the holes are aligned.
Before install the right side wing, add the extension wire first.
Connect to the original braking light wire.
Put the screw back to security the riser. Don't over-tight.

4. Install the GT3 Riser

Please put another rubber gourmet to the wing itself.
Install the wing to the GT3 Riser.
Tight up with the screw & self lock nut provided in the package.
The GT3 Riser has different angle setup, choose the one you like best!
Don't forget to put the Rubber gourmet after tight all screws.

5. Final Check, enjoy!

Make sure to tighten up all screws & enjoy your drive!